Stiftelsen Håndslag Til Vår Eldste Sjømannskirke

A Helping Hand to Our Oldest (Norwegian) Seamen’s Church

July 2014

The Foundation Supports Cultural Exchange During Jubilee Cruise of the Norwegian Seamen's Mission

As part of the 150 year Jubilee Cruise of the Norwegian Seamans Mission, The Foundation Organised a visit for all cruise guests to the place where it all started - the first chuch of the Norwegian Seamen,s Mission in Edinburghs port of Leith, Scotland.

The church building is currently occupied by the Leith School of Art, with which The Foundation Cooperates Closely.

Despite having been converted into an art school, the building still retains most of the external, and several of the internal, characteristics of the Oldest Norwegian Seamens' Church.

The foundation was represented by its Chairperson, Mrs. Lisbeth Iversen, who also serves as ambassador for the Norwegian Seamens Mission Jubilee, and by Mr. Terje Inderhaug.

A discourse on the history of the church and the scandinavian contingent in Scotland was given by Mrs. Iversen and Mr. Inderhaug.

A vocal contribution was given by accomplished singer and researcher of Norwegian-Scottish music, Dr Sally Garden, one of The Foundations' supporters.

LSA Principal, Philip Archer Welcoming Jubilee Cruise Guests at the Church Entrance

Jubilee Cruise Guests at the Church Entrance

Jubilee Cruise Guests assembled in the LSA/Church Main Hall

Mrs. Lisbeth Iversen

Dr. Sally Garden

Norwegian Seamen's Mission Jubilee Cruise (In Norwegian)
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