Stiftelsen Håndslag Til Vår Eldste Sjømannskirke

A Helping Hand to Our Oldest (Norwegian) Seamen’s Church

March 2016

Einar K Dons' account of life with his family and friends
at the Norwegian Seamen's Church in Leith during the 1960s

I've been around The Church since 1961 when I started my studies at Heriot-Watt College here in Edinburgh

At that time, Mr Andreasen was the church custodian, and he became a focal point for many of us Norwegian students at the time.

I lived not far away from the church, and had the opportunity to pop by a couple of times every week.

A cup of coffee, reading Norwegian newspapers, and last but not least, a chat with Mr. Andreasen and the others passing by.

Norwegian Constitution Day, May 17th 1964
Outside the Norwegian Seamen's Church in Leith after service

After service at the Church.
Andreasen, the custodian at the right.
Photo possibly taken during a jubilee or at the occation of the visit of king Olav.

Andreassen overseeing preparations for Christmas turkey in the small kitchen at the back of the reading room.
Christmas eve 1964.

Christmas service 1964.

Christmas service 1964
From left : Knut Poppe, his wife Kristin Heyerdahl Poppe and Christine Posselt,
who became Christine Dons when we married in the Church on Jan 4th. 1966

Christmas eve at the Church reading room, 1964.
Back row from left : Unknown Couple, Christine, Irene Dippner and Svein-Erik Dippner.
Svein-Erik was my best man.

Christmas in Leith.

Christening of our daughter Tanya
November 2nd, 1969

November 2nd, 1969
Five christenings were held in the Church in Leith that day
Christine holding Tanya, second from left.

The Norwegian Seamen's Church in Leith.

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