Stiftelsen Håndslag Til Vår Eldste Sjømannskirke

A Helping Hand to Our Oldest (Norwegian) Seamen’s Church

February 2018


Celebrating the strong links between Scotland and Norway,
The Foundation organised an exhibition of works by artists of
Leith Scool of Art at Oseana Arts Centre, Os, Norway.

The exhibition was the next step in a series of Norwegian-Scottish cultural interchange,
following the exhibition of works by Norwegian Artist Bodil Friele at Leith Scool of Art
in the former Norwegian Seamens Church building in Leith, Edinburgh.

Leith School of Art Principal Phil Archer and artists Christina Chan and David Martin

Foundation Board Member Johnny Stiansen and former County Commissioner Paul M. Nilsen

David Martin discussing his works with head of culture of Hordaland County, Beate Husa

Left to Right, Mr. Terje Inderhaug of the foundation, organiser of the exhibition, Ms. Beate Husa of Hordaland County,
Ms Lisbeth Iversen, Chairperson of the foundation, Mr Trond Mohn and Ms. Bodil Friele

Leith School of Art
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